Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Happy Birthday, My Beloved

I found this adorable painting online.  It perfectly expresses how much I miss my Beloved.  His birthday is today.  He would have been 75 years old.

How I miss him.  Life has gone on..and I have made steps toward healing, but I will always miss him.  He made a tremendous impact in my life.  There are so many things I never would have done, but for him.  Life with him was a great adventure.

It is hard to be alone now...  But God walks, talks, weeps and laughs with me.  He is my good friend and He knows exactly how I feel today.

Please hug your own beloved today--never take one another for granted.  One never knows how much time you'll have together.

Blessing, joy and peace be to you, dear ones. 

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