Friday, September 15, 2017

Dear Little Grandmother -Postcard Friendship Friday #374

Today I celebrate the life of my precious 91-year old Grandma Gladys who has flown to heaven.  She is no longer in pain, she can walk, see and laugh again.  She is in a better place and she was ready to go and see her Beloved Vic--and to see Jesus.  Ah, I miss her.

This postcard looks a lot like Grandma.  What a dear, wonderful lady she was.  One of the first dates my Beloved took me on was to meet Grandma and her family.  She has been a part of my life for almost 35 years. 

I see her in my home everywhere.  Pictures she painted, odd pans and cutlery, the beautiful four-poster bed in the guest room, most of the things I have in the craft room...  I think of her every day, and will always think of her every day.

I can hear her laughter, I can see her merry old eyes twinkling at me.  She deeply loved my family--She brought joy into our lives with her wisdom, bubbles, crafts--and I smile as many hilarious memories flood into my mind.  I am going to miss her so much.  I am so grateful to have spent time with Grandma while her daughter was out of town a number of months ago.   What a privilege to hear her stories, share her laughter and tend to her as she slept in her big easy chair.

Take a moment to cherish the people you love, my Friends.  Life is short and each moment is a gift.  Happy Postcard Friendship Friday, dear ones.

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Irene said...

I'm sorry your little Grandma has passed, but if we truly believe we know they are happy in the great beyond, with Jesus. I love that you got to spend time with her and listen to wonderful stories. I think those are the things my kids will remember about my mother, telling them stories. It's a good thing. I never knew my grandparents, sadly they were all dead by the time I was born. Ugly deaths at war time. But, my mom kept them alive for us as we sat and she'd tell us stories. I love your little card. Sending you a virtual hug, my friend.