Friday, December 11, 2015

Helpful Christmas Angel -Postcard Friendship Friday #291

It is a beautiful time of year.  I often imagine angels all around this house spreading God's sparkles of joy throughout my home.  I look for them, and when I do--I find them. Even though there is sorrow because I cannot spend this Christmas with my Beloved, I see him in the faces of my children.  He is there in a whispered kiss just before I fall asleep.

Merry Christmas and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday, dear Friends.  May God keep you safe in His arms and let His angels bring unexpected joy into your lives.  These are difficult days in the world--yet the truth is, God is good and He is walking with us.

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Paul van Yperen said...

A beautiful card, Beth! Yes, I'm getting in the mood. Today a Christmas Tree was set up at my office, I am working on a Christmas debate about refugees and our participation society, and I bought stamps to send Christmas postcards to my family and friends. I am looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Greetings from Amsterdam, Paul.