Friday, September 11, 2015

National Teddy Bear Day -Postcard Friendship Friday #279

Here in the United states, we celebrate National Teddy Bear Day on September 9th.  I adore Teddy Bears, so I loved hearing there is an actual holiday commemorating  these stuffed darlings.

I did some research on how Teddy Bears came into being, and it seems they are named after United States President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was an avid hunter, but that day in 1902, they had found no game.  So, some, er, well-meaning person brought Roosevelt a baby bear to shoot instead.  

I am so glad to read Roosevelt felt that shooting the wee bear was not sporting and refused to do so.  A cartoonist commemorated the event which inspired an enterprising New York toy maker to design a darling stuffed bear named "Teddy's Bear."  The rest, as "they" say, is history.  (grin)  The name morphed into Teddy Bears.  They're incredibly huggable and lovable.

On a more serious note, today is the anniversary of a profoundly sad day for all of America.  September 11, 2001.  I will never forget sitting in the window seat, my husband in the big chair.  He had turned on the news.  We watched the second plane pummel its way through the second tower.  We stayed tuned in for hours which stretched into days.  This event was profound.  I can hardly put into words how it changed my life--and the lives of so many others.  

My family and I visited Ground Zero less than a year after the event.  That story is found here

May God bless you all today.  Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.  ((hugs))

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Maggid said...

Love, Love, Love the Teddy Bear Post Card
I enjoyed the constant companionship of one for Many Years.

Paul van Yperen said...

Happy PFF! Wonderful story and a very nice postcard. I love sleeping cars, but I've never slept in one of these in which the bears sleep. The sleeping car reminds me of the one in Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon try to sleep in such a sleeping car with their all-female-orchestr. With all these gorgeous girls around, including Marilyn Monroe, they of course never close an eye. A fun film.

My memory of 9/11 is strange. I heard the news at a parking lot near a beautiful British mansion during our vacation. We just visited the mansion, the sun was shining and a man who was listening to his car radio told us that an airplane had just crashed into one of the twin towers and another threatened to do so too. What can they do?, he asked devastated. It was so unbelievably strange that I quipped: call James Bond! Afterwards I felt ashamed for that stupid joke. Everybody was in shock by the incredible news. I remember visiting a pub that night and finding a freecard of an airplane flying into a skyscraper. It was weird. I still have it. Very early, the next morning we bought the newspapers to try to comprehend what happened. Then we realized it was a world-changing moment in history.

Irene said...

both my children really loved Teddy's, I'm actually doing a portrait of my youngest son with his teddy. Oddly enough my nieces children, none of the 5 have a teddy they have other stuffed animals, strange. I wanted to take them to a teddy bear picnic and they didn't have a teddy. Love your card. wish I had the opportunity to visit ground zero, my silly husband wouldn't stop. We had words. Keep well my friend.

Patty said...

I didn't realize there is a National Bear day, I'll have to try to remember that. Since I'm on Facebook, I forget most of the time, to check out my friends Blogs. Have a wonderful Sunday.