Friday, March 6, 2015

Erin Go Bragh! -Postcard Friendship Friday #260

I posted this wonderful reproduction of an old postcard several years ago.  It is is one of my favorite postcards. I love the delicate curls and the pretty harp hanging from her waist.  

What I still don't understand, is why the pig is in the postcard.  There are lots of St. Patrick's Day artwork with pigs.  Is this an Irish custom I haven't heard about yet?  I would love to know what the story is!

Have a lovely weekend, dear Friends--and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday. 

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Irene said...

this is a very lovely card. you have quite a collection.

Clytie said...

This is a beautiful card, and the harp is a whimsical touch. But the pig? Ummmmm not sure. I hope someone can shed light on this one!

Chris Overstreet said...

In many European cultures, the pig was a sign of luck; it implied that the agrarian economy was doing well if one could have a pig for dinner. Possibly related to the phrase "bring home the bacon"? In any case, this is a fine daughter of Erin.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Yes! Pigs are signs of good fortune in some countries (don't know about Ireland) and they are also quite smart and sweet! Love this beautiful postcard!
St Patrick's Day Hugs,

Stacey said...

Hi sweet friend- What a lovely card this is! I have a somewhat similar card that I posted earlier this year that also has a pig in it- Here's the link to it that tells a little bit of history regarding the animal:

Lois said...

It is quite cute! I have never heard of pigs being good luck before though.

Catherine said...

Oh, how cute! Have never seen one of these with a piggie on it before - learned something new today!