Sunday, September 21, 2014

Comfort in Sadness

Today our lifetime friend Dan lost his little grandson in a tragic accident--these dear ones have already born so much heartache in their lives.  I hardly know what to say, or what to do.  Please pray for our friends Dan and Judy, and the parents of this precious little boy, Daniel.

May God comfort them in their grief.

Thank you for your prayers, dear ones.


peggy gatto said...

Prayers begin now, so very sad

Irene said...

Oh how very sad. I cannot imagine. Prayers go out to them.

Irene said...

Oh Beth, thank you for your thoughts, My sister is o.k. just o.k. she's not looking after herself as well as I think she should be, but in the end, it's not something I can do anymore about, I just pray for her. I'm o.k. too, lots of stuff doing around our house, I have no idea how people that get flooded, or are affected by tornadoes or recover, I just feel like we've had one blow after another, too much $, and it wasn't even a full blown flood, just some rain water, and ice. But, things are starting to look better, we've had a little extension of warm weather, so I'm out doing things before the snow, I guess helping my dad all those years ago paid off. Keep well.