Monday, June 2, 2014

A Stitch and a Prayer

I'm SO excited to tell you about Mumsie's most recent book, A Stitch and a Prayer.  It is coming out in the next few weeks.  To order your own copy, visit Abingdon Press. You can also contact Abingdon Press via Facebook!

As I type this, a preview copy rests on my desk beside the keyboard.  I'm so proud of Mom, so honored to have been a part of editing and getting everything ready for the publisher.  My sweet Mumsie is one of my best Friends.  I am so blessed to have her as my Mom.  It is a privilege to share her with you. 

The setting for this book is next door to the farm where Mom was born.  It is a fictional account, but so much of what Mom wrote is based on true life. 

Here is a description from the back of A Stitch and a Prayer:

My darling darling wife, I wanted to wake you and tell you I was leaving.  But I hate goodbyes.  I am trying to keep the promise I made to you. Hold onto this note until you receive a letter.  This is my promise to write as soon as I can.  Your loving husband, Will

It seemed like just yesterday when Will had returned from the Klondike gold rush, when they had celebrated their wedding, and when they began their life together in the Northwest woods.  But now Florence's husband was gone and only this note remained.  Where did Will go?  And why did he leave so abruptly?

As worry and fear threaten to overcome her, Florence is inspired to craft a quilt to grace the bed she knows she will once again share with Will.  The design of the quilt is a labor of love and each stitch is a prayer for her husband's safe return.  But will Florence's prayers be answered?  Will her husband keep his promise and come back to her before their baby arrives?

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Terra said...

What a talented mum you have, and her book looks charming.