Friday, November 21, 2014

Kiss the Pumpkin, my dear; For pumpkin Pie is on the Menu -Postcard Friendship Friday #247

What a darling little girl.  Her hat and over sized apron are so cute.  I have a feeling she might just give that brave pumpkin face a hug and a kiss!  Perhaps that pumpkin will become a prince?  I would think kissing a pumpkin would be much more pleasant than kissing a frog!  (Actually, I know this from experience as a little girl) (don't ask) (grin)

This is indeed a Halloween card, but it brought back memories of what we did with all those lovely carved pumpkins.  When I was younger and more ambitious, the pumpkins were cut into pieces and cooked down for hours in a large pan until their consistency was perfect for pumpkin pies.  Those pumpkin pies were the very best, especially with whipped Cream.

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Grace Bailhache said...

Roooh this one is my favorite Beth... I hope you had a lovely Halloween ?