Friday, October 11, 2013

A Jolly Halloween -Postcard Friendship Friday #189

When I was a child, "us kids" loved to play beneath a tall fir tree in the woodlands behind where we lived.  We played there so often, the earth had become packed hard like a floor.  We would sweep the tree needles from the dirt floor with the fragrant ends of fir branches.

In October we sometimes would decorate our magical play place for Halloween.  Paper ghosts hung overhead from long pieces of thin string, jeans and shirt were stuffed to give the likeness of a scary headless man lurking in the shadows. There were places to sit, scraps of cloth spread over crookedly devised tables.  We had a some candles and carved pumpkins, of course.

But when it actually came time to go out into the forest on the dark.  We couldn't make ourselves move from the back porch to the woods.  We had so scared ourselves with ghoulish ghost stories and the like, we had become frightened of our own shadows!  Still--it was a GREAT deal of fun to decorate underneath that tree. 

Have a jolly Halloween and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Postcardese said...

Beautiful and terrifying! Great writing Beth. Best, Guy

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

You paint a great picture, Beth. I can imagine myself there!

Irene said...

We loved to do things in the forest as kids too, but none so scary as you. My kids missed out on those fun times with us living in the city. Love the card, how innocent and sweet.

Maria said...

I love your story on what you used to do as kids to scare yourselves out :p I love how you recalled the details, made me spooked too!

Happy weekend Beth!

Grace Bailhache said...

Oooo poor baby boy, love this card Beth, I also would have been scared of this small cat....


Maria said...

Happy Halloween Beth and thanks so much for linking! I didn't realize how big is the Halloween holiday for Americans until I came here for the first time during this autumn season. :D I hope to see you more during the weekend!

Heleen said...

Here in the Netherlands Halloween is not a tradition (however, the 'trick or treats' is starting to become popular among kids). Thus it is so interesting to read your story. Thank you for sharing!