Friday, September 13, 2013

We Will Never Forget -Postcard Friendship Friday #185

I will never forget the morning two airplanes were flown into the twin towers, another crashed into the Pentagon and still another crashed in a field--the intentions of the terrorists thwarted by the heroes aboard.

We were up early, I was sitting in the window seat reading my Bible.  My husband turned on the television just in time to see the wreckage the first airplane had left.  News reporters were speculating about some kind of accident.  Then we watched in horror as the second jet exploded into the second tower.

I will never forget the quiet of the skies as all aircraft were ordered to land and stay put.  There was an eerie silence everywhere.

Nine months later we traveled to New York City.  Our visit to the wall of remembrance, and the viewing of Ground Zero was an experience our family will never forget.

Our hearts continue to go out to those who lost their lives and the families who will never be the same.  We will never forget.

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Max said...

Nice post. We all remember where we were when we heard the news- I was at work and we had some televisions on once the news broke and we watched in disbelief the entire day.

VioletSky said...

This is a nice looking card. All my NYC skyline postcards are much older!

Maria said...

...and the world will never forget. I still get the chills whenever I remember the images of that day...

Unknown said...

I know people who have joined the military solely because of what happened to the twin towers. Much respect and support to our troops overseas.

Irene said...

truly a day that no one will remember, nor should we.

Postcardy said...

I decided to link my Friday card from my Postcard Gems Blog. That is a new blog I started last year and I have been trying to schedule a post a day. I don't really write anything for Postcard Gems like I do for Postcardy. I just post an interesting vintage chrome postcard from my collection along with the text from the back of the card.

Aimee said...

Nice post. I still remember watching those towers fall live on TV...just awful.

I've been away from my blog for a while, but we've just returned from a vacation to Yellowstone so I hope to be linking up with PFF again soon!