Friday, May 31, 2013

National Rose Month -Postcard Friendship Friday #170

June is National Rose Month.  In Oregon, Portland is known as the Rose City.  There are roses everywhere.  Portland is home to the International Rose Test Garden, which was founded in 1917, making it the oldest continuously operated public rose test garden in the U.S.  I've visited there and it is beautiful.  This week is Portland's Rose Festival Week.  It is a great time to visit!

Roses have a long tradition in the United States.  In fact, George Washington was the first rose breeder in the United States.  85 percent of all Americans say their favorite flower is the rose.  I am numbered among those.

I have my own special rose story to share.  Years ago, while searching for a new home, we stayed in my darling Grandmother's basement.  I look back and realize it was one of the happiest times of our lives--we had the privilege of living there for two whole years.  Even with all five of us squashed into 450 square feet, it was a wonderful place for children to grow and play.

I remember the day my small daughter wanted to help in the garden.  While my back was turned, she happily whacked Grandma's favorite red rose bush down to the quick.  Not knowing what else to do, I found some gauze and we bound it back together.  Every morning, we placed used coffee grounds upon its roots and hoped for the best.

Our family moved mid-summer.  I'll never forget the letter I received a few months later.  

Grammie wrote:  I wanted you to  know that the rose that dear Joybells cut back has been a blessing to  me.  A lesson.  I really thought it was a goner.  Then you bound it up, gave it special care and now it is more beautiful than ever.  It’s like life.  God knows the root is there, but sometimes He needs to prune it severely to bring forth beauty--then with loving care, He brings it to fulfillment.  All my love, I miss you, Grammie

May the fragrance of Roses fill your lives, dear Friends.

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VioletSky said...

I have never thought of flowers having a test garden!
What an (unintentional) inspirational story. I shall have to seek out some rose postcards for next week.

dmarks said...

Good post and theme. I had fresh news, so I didn't go with it on my blog this morning. I am thinking of doing a Rose Tyler post a week from now though.

Maria said...

That's a very nice letter from your grandmom. I am in bad need for inspiration right now and what she wrote in the letter really touched my heart.

Grace Bailhache said...

You are always so eclectic (oops the word exist in english right ? )Beth, well, I have learned few things about roses and indeed I often offer roses when I don't know which flowers they like the most. As the song says a rose is still a rose and your blog post demonstrate that.
Thanks for making me travel to Portland !!!

Happy FFP


Irene said...

What wonderful memories, I too love roses, and many a bloom in my garden have a friendship history. Love your card. Enjoy rose month, I sure will, my first is blooming today.