Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mothers, Daughters and Sisters -Guest Heart Thursday

I've always loved photographs of this little girl.  From what I can gather, her Father was a photographer who loved to take pictures of his family.  At first I thought this photo was of the girl and her Mother.  As I looked closer--it seems, rather, that the young lady is her sister!  I also discovered a photo of her real Mother.

In light of my discovery, I changed the title and labels for this blog entry. 

Perhaps the first postcard is of the dress the young lady wore for her "coming out."  There seems to be a story being told here--maybe of the younger girl admiring her sibling and thinking about what it will be like when SHE gets to wear a beautiful dress such as her sister does.  It's also perfect for the upcoming National  Siblings Day!  I love the way this girl's dress twirls and of course, there's a heart to be found.  I enhanced the one in her hair so you can see it a little better!

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Clytie said...

I do believe you're right - that's one YOUNG mother! Her dress is simply gorgeous ... And the heart in her hair is adorable.

Maria said...

I agree with you too that she's a young mother. Perhaps they're sisters instead?