Friday, February 8, 2013

Charming Valentine -Postcard Friendship Friday #154

Thy Charms are many,
My merits are few.
Yet I venture to offer,
My heart to you.

I have so much to do today, that what I write is going to be short.  I have such great affection for those of you who love cards and ephemera as much as I do!  I hope your weekend is absolutely wonderful.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! 

*  DON'T FORGET:  When you submit a postcard, be sure to put a link back to this page.  You can copy and paste the PFF badge, which has the link embedded.  Thank you!

*  NOTE: You don't have to stick to the theme I choose each Friday. Just put up the postcards you love and tell us why you like them.

*  REMINDER: Comments and links which contain advertising and do not refer to any of the following; Postcard Friendship Friday, mailboxes, the Post office, postcards or the love of postcards, will be deleted.  Lately, I've had to delete quite a few comments which are just ads. 


dmarks said...

Happy PFF. Nice card!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Pretty card!

I hope your weekend is wonderful too :)

Irene said...

Don't do too much, save time for pleasure. Thanks for hosting. I've done some moving and shuffling and cannot find my cards. How's that for a tidy home.