Friday, February 3, 2012

Garden of Love - Postcard Friendship Friday #101

This 1940's Valentine's Day postcard seemed appropriate for this day, as the earth awakens, blossoms and unfurls itself from winter's clutch.  If you look closely, you can see the tiny metal rivit, which causes the girl's head and arm to move!

Yesterday my neighbor brought over a bouquet of green leaves which have tiny white flowers adoring them.  The aroma from those flowers fills my kitchen as it wanders into the dining room.  It is the fragrance of spring--indeed, whenever I catch a whiff, I feel the heady joy of Spring Fever surging through my mind.

I love gardening. Throughout spring and summer one can find me crooning over my plants, telling them how beautiful they are, and bidding them to grow for me. (grin) I know--it's a little crazy to talk to plants, but I do. It is probably my imagination, but I think they grow better for me when I talk to 'em.

Have a lovely day everyone!  I'm so grateful the sun is shining here today.

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Irene said...

I'm with you Beth, I keep telling my lilac rose that it's got one more chance, no bloom and out you go. It blooms, beautifully I might add. I'm not at spring yet, I expect we will still have a blast of winter it's just taking it's time getting here. Love your postcard, thanks for hosting.

LiT Web Studio said...

"the earth awakens, blossoms and unfurls itself from winter's clutch" - this made me smile! here in rome, italy it's actually snowing! a rare event indeed!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I really like the idea of Valentine's Day heralding in spring, though like Italy, the UK is in an icy blast at the moment!

Snap said...

Beth, I love cards that move. This is so cute! Happy PFF!

Heather said...

Lovely card. I'll be joining in on the 10th with a Valentines card. I am sending them out all this week.

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Such beautiful cards.You have an amazing collection. I have some to share for Valentine's this week. Lisa