Friday, July 8, 2011

Video Games Day--How Life has Changed - Postcard Friendship Friday #71

As you can see the darling little girl above is playing the old fashioned way.  I still have my very first doll.  Her name was Thumbelina.  I was shocked to discover there is an actual National Video Games Day here in America on September 12th.  I was even more surprised when I learned that in most techie circles, today, July 8th, is also celebrated as Video Games Day.

I have no idea who started Video Games Day, but it seems a bit odd to schedule it smack dab in the middle of summer's hottest days.  If I were a kid, I'd be out and about--in, or near water!  This special celebration celebrates popular electronic gaming platforms and playing fields. It is advertised that today, gamers get to enjoy an entire day of plugged-in fun.

As for me, I think I'd rather play the old fashioned-type games.  Games where I can hold the cards, touch the game boards, etc.,  It can be fascinating to watch the screen when someone else is playing 'em--but to actually play?!  My brain just doesn't work that way.  Video games (though I'm told by most young'uns I know, that they're wonderful fun) are confusing to me and give me a headache!  That being said, happy Video Games Day everyone! 

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Dorincard said...

That girl, like you, is such a :)
The ideal would be a mix of some videogames and some real toys, when it comes to "Homo ludens", The Playing Man (of any age). :)

dakotaboo said...

Lovely postcard. Made me think of my own childhood, where we had to make our own entertainment, and I believe were all 'richer' for it. I have shared some postcards which capture the innocemce of childhood. Happy PFF.

Anonymous said...

What a darling card. Video Game Day??? Who ever heard of such a thing? Indeed, times have certainly changed. I miss the days of yore. Time spent was much more meaningful and not taken so for granted. Today's youth is missing a great deal of what life has to offer by being self-sufficient. As a younger, I learned to entertain myself without the aid of gadgets. These days, the younger generation must be entertained all of the time ... for they seem unable to bear their own company. Whatever happened to quiet time activities? Time alone to ponder? In my ever so humble opinion, not all change is good. :)

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I do wonder if children these days get as much out of video and computer games as we did out of toys that were often improvised.

Postcardy said...

I think this is an interesting theme. When I was really young I played outside quite a bit. But I never liked hot weather, so when I got a little older I mainly stayed inside reading and watching daytime TV that I couldn't watch during the school year.

Carole said...

I didn't know there was a video game day, so I guess I'm out of the loop. I do play them, but apparently I'm not well enough aware of the culture. lol

I'm not surprised it's smack in the middle of summer. Kids don't play outside anymore. Nor do they use their imaginations. That's so passe'. lol

Great card. :-)

Sreisaat said...

That postcard is beautiful! With real toys, you use your imagination and creativity more.
I'm with Dorin - I had real toys and video games when I was growing up. I enjoyed both. Outdoor games was also a huge part of my childhood. I guess it helped when you live in a compound with lots of kids your age and you have outdoorsy-type of parents. Video games, if I remember it right, are for rainy/stormy days when we could not go out. These days, however, it's all video/pc games. No one wants to play outside anymore :(

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Clarissa said...

Same here!I dunno why but I don't have interest in video games.Nice postcard^_^