Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

I have always loved the fairytale about Rapunzel.  Though, in real life, having such long hair seems like it would be a hassle!

This beautiful woman from long ago, has plenty of hair to be sure.

I can't imagine how heavy her hair must have been.  How would a person live with that much hair in everyday life? Just brushing it out would take all day--let alone washing and drying it all.  Then, would she wear it up?  Put it into braids?  What do you think?

She has a lovely profile.


Maria said...

The modern day story of Rapunzel in the movie 'Tangled' is amazing too!

izzy said...

Way too heavy ! I cut 'hair I could sit on'-as soon as I found a good opportunity.And Tangles- I leave long tresses to fairy tales! Nice photo thanks.

Lois said...

She is beautiful, but taking care of all that hair would be a full time job!

Karen Xavier said...

She has beautiful thick hair, looks great in the picture... but must be a pain in real life, unless of course it was magical like in Tangled.

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She is hide in his hairs.
Well she`s so beautiful and attractive ..

Anonymous said...

Hello Beth ... indeed, she spots quite the coiffure of tresses. It must take a battalion of maids to assemble her crown each morning. She is quite a stunner though!!

Wishing you a blessed and blissful day! Warmest of hugs, I send your way!