Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sat upon Cat

Our new kitty cat Bootz loves to sit on office chairs--I can't tell you how many times each of us, my husband and I, have gone to sit down--and wahlah--there is Bootz!  EEeeek!

This postcard is from my "cyber" collection--from one of my fabulous friends--who love postcards as much as I do!  I don't remember where it was I found this, so if this wonderful postcard came from your site, please let me know and I will put in a link to your blog. 

Have perfectly marvelous day!


Terra said...

This is a funny postcard, and I hope your Bootz learns to be more alert and jump down before being squished!

Irene said...

... and then we have hairy butts. I do at least.

JANN said...

I am so glad that Bootz is bringing you guys so much happiness. Hey did I tell you that my little poodle is named BOOTZ also :)
sending LOVE your way.

Lois said...

How cute! I love the looks on their faces.

Postcardy said...

I got a new cat a couple of weeks ago and am having the same problem. To make matters worse, she is very petite and the cushion on my chair is an animal camouflage print which matches her tortoiseshell fur.