Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Violets for My Sweetheart

This is a new addition to my "cyber" collection. I am posting this darling Valentine's Day postcard in honor of Springtime violets. I found a lovely clump of blooming violets in my garden this morning.
Spring is never far behind the purple violets. And there is nothing sweeter than the fragrance of a nosegay of springtime violets. Soon Johnny Jump Ups, Mayflowers and Trillium's will make their appearance.
Springtime is near!


Patty said...

I've already noticed the daylight is lasting longer. Waiting to see and hear my first Robin. It's also lighter in the mornings when I take the Granddaughter to school at 7:45. Have a good evening.

Mattenylou said...

Violets already? Wow! We won't have them here until late April/early May. I'm jealous, I have several violet embroidery pieces and even some dishes with them, they've been a favorite flower since I was little. I look for our painted trilliums around Mother's Day.

Clytie said...

Our violets are a no-show this year. Usually I find one in January. Now there aren't even leaves up yet! Or maybe the hungry deer snacked them away - I don't know. But I love that you have some, and that you shared their special card.

Marie Reed said...

I'm jealous too! I've never heard them called Johnny Jump ups! My son John will LOVE that!

Lois said...

Yes it is and I can't wait!

Stacey said...

I can only hope that spring is coming- Tonight we're inside snuggled beneath blankets. Outside it's snowing; we could get up to 2 feet! So, just trying to stay warm and dry...And dreaming of springtime!