Sunday, February 7, 2010

Night Time Prayers

This came from my Grandma Jenny's collection of cards. She loved little children--both in cards and figurines. Yesterday was particularly hard for me. The feeling of sadness will pass I know.

It is only that I miss all our yesterdays.


Clytie said...

A precious card - from a precious collection.

I hope today brings happiness for you.

Patty said...

Beautiful little card. They have a newer version of child at bedside, and his dog is by is side, with his paw on the bed like he's also praying. Hope all is going well.

Lucy said...

Hi Beth, I like all of those old cards but have not saved any. I appreciate what you said about equal rights and respect on both sides. Actually I thought I made that clear., however I am beginning to think respect is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I hope not. I knew Oregon stayed balmy. I used to correspond with a lady that made beads who lived there. Lost track of her.