Friday, November 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Greetings -Postcard Friendship Friday #478

Yes, can you believe it?  Halloween is past and here in America, Thanksgiving is on the horizon--then Christmas.  Time passes so quickly sometimes.  I remember as a kid, summer lasted for three years!  Not so now that I'm older.

This postcard is such a charming reminder of family and Thanksgiving.  Though it is my experience that wild turkeys are not very friendly!  These must be domesticated.

Have a lovely weekend, Friends!  Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! 

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Paul van Yperen said...

Hi Beth,

I wish you a good weekend too! I once met a wild turkey in Australia. We were walking and chatting in a nature reserve. Nothing special and sudeenly there was this skinny turkey which sped across the road. It was a bit funny. Later on, I heard him in the bushes and tried to photograph him. But it turned out to be a huge Komodo dragon, which was eating a rabbit. That was scary. Enjouy Thanksgibing, my friend!

Bob a.k.a. Paul

Lyneen said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving card!