Friday, March 15, 2019

Birds in Springtime -Postcard Friendship Friday #448

I love this postcard--bluebirds are my favorite bird.  I took this from my "cyber" collection, so there isn't a back to share with this one.

When I was a child bluebirds lived in the canyon.  These days the they can't be found there anymore.

I remember my siblings and I once found a bluebird nest lying on the old canyon road.  When we picked it up, three little bluebirds flew up and away into the trees.  I think I was about 11 years old.

One tiny bluebird came to visit my current home a couple of years ago--he decided to take a bath in the little pond next to the waterfall.  I was SO surprised to see the little fellow and felt I'd been blessed.

I am still ill.  If this doesn't get better, I'm heading to the doc.  Happy Postcard Friendship Friday and have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends. 

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