Friday, February 16, 2018

Bedad and Begorra! -Postcard Friendship Friday #395

I love Ireland--someday I hope to visit there.  I am a quarter Irish, from Dad's Side.  His Mom--my Grandmother used to say "Bedad and Begorra."  I never knew what it meant, but I loved to hear her say it--there was always a twinkle in her eye...

From my research, it turns out Bedad was an Irish word coined in the 18th century, which expressed surprise, or emphasis.  The term Begorra was first used in Ireland in 1839, meaning, "By God."  Hurroo seems to have the meaning of goodbye, or good day.

So the translation of this wonderful vintage postcard might be, Surprise and by God!  Good day and good luck to St. Patrick and Good Luck to you.

Thank you for dropping by today, I hope this old postcard brought a  smile to your face.  March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day.  I have a bevvy of lovely postcards to post as the holiday grows closer.

I wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear Friends.  Blessings and joy to each of you and have a lovely Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Lyneen said...

I love the old St. Patrick's Day postcards! Such fun I will have to find a few to share over the next couple of weeks! Ireland would be a beautiful place to visit!