Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taking a Dip With Mom -Postcard Friendship Friday #273

I remember when my children were young--they had much the same reaction to getting into the water as these youngsters.  I sure do like that vintage suit too--especially now that I'm older!  Too bad they don't make these swimsuits anymore!

We have record breaking heat in our little valley.  I'm so grateful for the river.  It is nice to be close enough to walk to the park and put my feet into the water.  Have a lovely summer, dear Friends.
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Irene said...

What a lovely card, I could use a suit like that too. My boy was worried about getting water snakes between his toes, so he wore bathing shoes. good times.

Debbie said...

so sweet!! i adore "real" mail!! the kind the mailman brings, the kind you can hold in your hands :)

Irene said...

Hi Beth, thank you for asking about my Sis, she seems to be fine, although I think she doesn't tell us much, she's very private, she wants to live her life on her terms, and we(her siblings) just keep praying. the other day someone asked me if I believe prayers are answered, I have a little book, and I actually write things down, God is good.