Friday, May 8, 2015

To the Best Mom -Postcard Friendship Friday #265

I have been away for the past two weeks.  Thank you so much for your patience! 

Soon it will be Mother's Day.  I have such a lovely Mom--she has been an incredible encouragement to me throughout the years.  and now she and I are widows together, of all things.  I am wondrously blessed by God to have such a vibrant, encouraging, loving Mother.

God bless all those Mothers out there who love their children with such wonderful unconditional love. 

Happy Mother's Day!!  Thank you for dropping by, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday, too!

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Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I'm very happy for you that you have your mother, now also a good friend.

Mothers' Day in the UK was several weeks ago but it's a happy occasion whenever it falls.

Maria said...

I am very happy to have really good mothers as a friend, like you! hugs and happy weekend. I am happy to see you posting on your page.

Terra said...

That is a fabulous postcard, the message and the art. How touching that you and your mom are both widows together. I am sure you really understand each other.

Irene said...

How wonderful that you still have your Mom to be with you through this difficult time. I'm afraid I was not very supportive when my Dad died, or at least I don't think I was. Youth is not all it's cracked up to be, some things you do better when you have a few years under your belt. Welcome back. Lovely card, and Happy Mother's day to you too.