Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Joyous Eastertide

Over the years, I've seen many old postcards and vintage Easter greeting cards which use the term Eastertide.  I became curious about it and did a little research. 

Eastertide was a greeting which was used well before the 12th century.  It was Middle English estertide, from Old English ēastortīd, from ēastor + tīd time, meaning the Easter Season.  The Easter season is the 50 days between Pentecost and Easter, which celebrates the day the Savior ascended up into heaven.

I like the idea of Eastertide.  It is a sort of Springtime word.  

So, a joyous Eastertide to you .


Irene said...

I have a few cards with this greeting too. Thank you for your research, I like this idea too.

Terra said...

Thank you for explaining what Eastertide means, now when I send early Easter cards I know they are not truly early. I am celebrating Eastertide.