Friday, June 8, 2012

Flag Day - Postcard Friendship Friday #119

When I was a tiny girl, I loved the flags which bloomed everywhere on my birthday.  It was obvious June 14 was a special day.  As a child, one is quite self-centered--so, of course, I believed flags flew because of me! 

What a blow to discover Flag Day actually originated in 1885!  Ah, but the story which lies behind this American holiday is well worth reading.  And I enjoy a good story!  Mrs. B.J. Cigrand, Wisconsin school teacher, loved our nation's flag and believed its birthday should not go unnoticed.  This wonderful lady pushed hard for a special day to commemorate  the birthday of the American Flag.

It wasn't long before the idea caught on.  Joining Mrs. Cigrand's cause in 1889, George Balch, a teacher from New York City, planned Flag 'Birthday' celebrations for the children of his school.  Later on, these celebrations were adopted by the State Board of Education of New York. In 1891, the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia held a Flag Day celebration and the following year, the New York Society of the Sons of the Revolution, celebrated Flag Day.

In 1914, Franklin K. Lane, United States Secretary of the Interior spoke these stirring words--words he said came from the Flag itself, "I am what you make me; nothing more. I swing before your eyes as a bright gleam of color, a symbol of yourself." 

But it wasn't until August 3rd, 1949, that President Truman signed an Act of Congress designating June 14th of each year as National Flag Day.

It is fascinating to discover the history behind so many of our holidays.  Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Erica (Irene) said...

Love the postcard and great post. Learned something new today...

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Your birthday is very close to mine!!

I didn't know there was a special Flag Day for the USA. Great idea!

Maria said...

I love that idea of the 'flag being a symbol of yourself' -- thanks for sharing Beth!