Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love's Message - Guest Heart Thursday

I adore this lovely Victorian card with its exquisite borders and lovely lady.  She seems quite pleased hear what the small messenger has to say.  I wonder who sent the message?

This is another card from my "Cyber" collection.  I'm so grateful to those bloggers out there who share their wonderful finds with the rest of us. I don't always remember where I find them, so if this came from your blog, let me know so I can link back to you.

For more wonderful heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.


JANN said...

Never get enough hearts or friends. Beth, have a good day :)

Clytie said...

What a beautiful and poignant card. Perfect for Guest Heart Thursday! I too am thankful to our fellow bloggers who share such treasures.

Olivia said...

Hi again, I copied this beautiful card, I was so inspired by its beauty I printed it out and designed a beautiful suitcase with it...I really hope that is ok. Please let me know!

Dani said...

super cute heart card..

Olivia said...

Well dear, I posted about the suitcase so inspired by your Romantic card. Thank you again. I hope you enjoy~

Lyneen said...

Lovely card... vintage cards are my favorites! TFS