Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Story of the American Flag -Postcard Friendship Friday #315

 I apologize for posting this so late.  I have been out of town and so busy I didn't have much time to be on the computer.  Yesterday was poignant as Mumsie, Sissie and I visited Daddy's memorial at the Willamette Veteran's Cemetery.  There is a powerful bond between the people who visit there.  Last year we met Andrea, who's Dad, Mike is just above Daddy.  Of all things, we saw her and met her husband this year--we were there at the same time, of all things!

Isn't this a fun postcard?  Smooching behind the flag--ah, young love.  

But the story behind Decoration Day is more serious.  Decoration Day started in 1866 after the American Civil War, when a Women's Association decorated the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers. For a nation seeking to move on after a war which split the country, states, communities and even families, this loving gesture was welcomed as a way to lay the past to rest, while honoring those who had fought on either side.  This brought unity and healing to a war-torn, war-worn country.

Later on, Decoration Day became known as Memorial Day.

On May 30, 1870, General Logan gave an address in honor of the new commemorative holiday. He said:

"This Memorial Day, on which we decorate their graves with the tokens of love and affection, is no idle ceremony with us, to pass away an hour; but it brings back to our minds in all their vividness the fearful conflicts of that terrible war in which they fell as victims.... 
Let us, then, all unite in the solemn feelings of the hour, and tender with our flowers the warmest sympathies of our souls! Let us revive our patriotism and love of country by this act, and strengthen our loyalty by the example of the noble dead around us...." 

It is only recently my sister Clytie discovered an interesting story in our own family line.  There were two brothers, one fought for the Union, the other for the Confederacy.  Each were imprisoned in the opposite side's prison camp at the same time.  Strange.  I am SO grateful to the Women who set out to bring healing to our torn country so long ago.  I am sure that healing extended to those two young men.

Our Grandfather fought in WW1, Daddy fought in WW2, Uncle Jody fought in Vietnam, Uncle Kelly fought in Korea, my brother-in-law fought in Iraq, my nephew was in the armed forces until just recently.  I am grateful to the sacrifices which were made by SO many men and women over the years.  We owe our freedom and way of life to them. they are my heros.

God bless you, sweet Friends, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!
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Coffeedoff said...

My son is in the Royal Navy so I have an attachment to the forces too. Lovely Post

Paul van Yperen said...

Thanks for the interesting story on the origins of Memorial Day. A beautiful and diverse post.