Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mum's Amazing Birthday

It is our darling Mumsie's birthday today! 
Mum had six children--which meant she endured teenagers in her home for well over 20 years. 
My youngest sister was born when I was 14! 
Now that I'm a Mom, I am SO appreciative of all she did for us
and the sheer magnitude of what it must have taken to take care of all of us. 

I remember for years and years
Mumsie would doodle 41 inside a heart. 
She always said something amazing
was going to happen on her 41st birthday! 

And it did.
Mount St. Helen's blew her top!

It would make her smile
if you'd all pop on over to wish her a
Happy Birthday


Lois said...

She sure did raise some nice daughters!

Carol Mae said...

Thanks Beth, I appreciate your nice comment on the Gluebook pages, I'm still learning and the class is fun. Have a good day, Carol Mae

Clytie said...

What a beautiful and perfect card, sissie.

Happy birthday, mom!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Beth! Oh, I am so glad you stopped by today and entered my giveaway! Indeed you are in ... twice!...my sweet friend!

Thank you for your kind words, Beth. I am so very sorry that you too have had to feel such sorrow of loosing someone you love so deeply. As Celine's song so beautiful says, my heart will go on, and on ... but oh, is it ever so difficult some days...

Wishing you a blesses day, my friend.

Irene said...

It sounds like she was a busy lady. Happy Birthday Beth's mom.

JANN said...

what a dear Moma she is, happy birthday to your Mumsie....love to you !