Friday, February 17, 2017

Miss Camille's Fantastic Hat -Postcard Friendship Friday #346

Wow! She's gorgeous! But that amazing hat looks as though it might fly off with the slightest provocation. I wonder if women at that time actually wore hats like that, or if this was just for the photoshoot. She certainly has enough pizzazz to carry it off! Can you imagine what would happen to this dear lady in a windstorm?  Haha.

I am re-posting this postcard from 2010.  When I get back into town, I will be able to do more original stuff.  Thanks for your patience.  Have a wonderful week and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Christine H. said...

By golly, it's not pizazz, it's a pizza!

Lois said...

It must have been a full time job just keeping that hat on and her dress from falling down, not to mention tolerating the corset she is probably wearing to keep her waistline so small! She is beautiful though.

Clytie said...

Oh my ... though she is certainly beautiful she does not look at all healthy or that happy. Maybe that's why she wears the hat - it's superglued to her head and she can face the wind and fly away!

Patty said...

That doesn't even look like a hat, doesn't look like it sets on her head, perhaps it's pinned on with some of those large hat pins. Maybe she's a dancer and when on stage uses the hat thing like a fan, while she does her dance. It's different.

Deann said...

Hey who's the babe with the sweet roll on her head she's giving me a stiff neck just looking at her. It's pictures like this that I think of when someone tells me something is "In Style".

Sissy Bea you know you are welcome to kidnap the picture of Cea...don't forget to enlarge it first. ((That was fun wasn't it..I hope Cea wasn't too annoyed)) :oZ

Margaret Cloud said...

I think all those big hats were kept on by hat pins. I know for a fact that hat pins in those days was a big item and they were from plain pins to having jewels on the end.

Christine H. said...

So, Miss Beth...when I saw this post of yours, I assumed that you would be linking in with Theme Thursday. Maybe you are, but in case you don't know about it, it seems to good to miss, since the theme this week is hats. You did know about it though, didn't you? And you were politely waiting for Thursday? Well, just in case I'm wrong, here's the link: