Friday, October 2, 2009

Fairy Bread -Postcard Friendship Friday

I know this isn't a postcard. Instead I hope you will enjoy this lovely poem with accompanying illustrations from my beloved, but tattered ancient book of Children's verse.

Come up here, O dusty feet!
Here is fairy bread to eat.

Here in my retiring room,
Children you may dine
On the golden smell of broom
And the shade of pine;
And when you have eaten well,
Fairy stories hear and tell.

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!


viridian said...

Lovely! Is this from Robeert Louis Stevenson?

SG said...

I wish I could go back to the age when I stared up in the starry skies, and stayed put on my terrace at night.. hoping against hope that I'd see a fairy!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Hello Beth! I'm so pleased to meet you and thank you for finding me and entering my GIVEAWAY! I love your blog and have signed on to follow! We seem to love many many of the same things! Hope to hear from you again! Enjoy your weekend!

Christine H. said...

I remember this fondly from my childhood. I had all kinds of ideas about what fairy bread would taste like.

Clytie said...

We used to leave little balls of white bread on leaf plates, and little fairy cups of water for our dear fairy friends. I hope they ate well. Too bad we never quite made it to fairy story time.

Robin said...

Oh so the illustrations.

Have a beautiful weekend

Chris Overstreet said...

Life really was a lot simpler then, wasn't it?

Postcardy said...

Those are sweet illustrations.

Marie Reed said...

I have dusty feet and definitely would like some bread to eat... with a generous dollop of honey please! Happy Pff from the queen of the late girls:)