Thursday, March 26, 2009

All the Little Birds know

This darling Valentine has moveable parts. The letter pops up out of the snow with the help of the tiny birds. All the love birds know, you have set my heart aglow. What a sweet sentiment.

This card was printed in the United States and was probably published in the 1920's. If anyone has any information about this card, I would love to hear from you!


Lois said...

How clever! I love the little birds and I like the girl's red gloves too!

Deann said...

How come she looks so cute with chubby red cheeks and I look like a fish wife?
Named after Beth of "Little Women" how cool is that! Love the book, love the movie. I like your name it's so gentle & peaceful sounding to me, like Annie. I always liked Meg but alas I was named for my father. Bet you can't guess what his name is. :-)

Marie Reed said...

The cute little dog is swimming in snow! It's a good thing that there are such heroic birds to save the day!

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