Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joseph and His Bride - Festival of Postcards

This wonderful illustration was done by J. C. Leyendecker. He became well known for his use of light and shadow within shadow. He was the premier cover illustrator for The Saturday Post for much of the first half of the 20th century. Leyendecker was mentor and friend of Norman Rockwell, who was a pallbearer at Leyendecker's funeral in 1951.
This postcard is my submission for the Festival of postcards - White. Here is Leyendecker's fanciful illustration from the ancient story of Joseph found in Jewish history. We do know Joseph married and had children, but nothing is said of his wife--pictured here. Some say she was a high-born Egyptian Princess. I like to think so, and I love this illustration because of its beauty and passion.
Joseph dreamed his brothers and family would bow to him one day. His father clearly doted upon the boy and gave him a beautiful multi-colored coat. Joseph's brothers became so jealous of their younger brother, they sold Joseph into slavery and told their father he had been killed by a wild animal. In Egypt because of his honesty and fairness, he rose to great heights, only to be falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison.
There, despite being a prisoner in that dark place, his intimacy with God put him in direct contact with the Pharaoh. When Joseph correctly interpreted the dreams tormenting the Pharaoh--seven years of plenty to be followed by seven years of famine--the ruler appointed Joseph to a powerful position just below his own. Joseph was put in charge of gathering grains and foods over the seven years of plenty, in order to have enough for the people when the seven years of famine overtook them.
When his brothers came to Egypt seeking grain, they did not recognize their own brother. In time, when Joseph revealed who he was to them, they became afraid. But Joseph told them, "Do not fear. You meant this for harm, but God used it for good."


Grannie Annie said...

Wakka wakka...I thought Joseph fled from seduction it don't look like he's fleeing very fast to me. And since when do we start making up spouses for biblical kings??? They get in enough trouble on their own.
It's a beautiful postcard though you should take top honors at the festival...are you sure this isn't King David??? LOL

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, well, my dear--this is a picture of his WIFE! Not of the seductress from whom he fled! (grin) Hahahaha...I think this postcard picture is based upon a novel written around the turn of the century. It was made into a movie. Of course, they added in the romantic feature of the wife who's never mentioned by name in Scripture....

Catherine said...

What a beautiful image!

Clytie said...

Wow. Love that dress - what there is of it anyway!

Beth Niquette said...

And did you notice? She has really big feet!