Friday, July 7, 2017

It's National Blueberry Month! -Postcard Friendship Friday #365


Happy National Blueberry Month!  This is a relatively new holiday.  In 1999, the United States Agricultural department proclaimed July to be National Blueberry month, because that’s when the delicious native berry is ripe and ready to harvest.  

Blueberries have had a big influence in my life.  When I was small Daddy planted a half acre of blueberries, which we harvested each summer.  In the middle of the blueberry patch was a little garden--it was all mine and I loved it.  I would pretend I was on a garden island in the middle of a blue sea.  That was over 45 years ago.  Some of those blueberry plants still survive and are taller than I am—they are like blueberry trees!  And their fruit is still delicious.

Blueberries are native to North America.  The American Indian had another name it—that of the Star Berry.  This was because the blossom end of each blueberry formed a five point star. It was believed the Great Spirit, responding to the cries of starving children during a great famine, sent star berries to save them.  

The Natives often dried and smoked the pungent berries to eat during the barren winter months.  They used blueberries for seasoning too--pounding them into raw meat, then smoking and drying it.  The berries were also dried, beaten into a pulp and combined with cornmeal, honey and water to make a tasty pudding called "Sautauthig."

Native Americans also used blueberries for medicinal purposes.  They made a strong aromatic tea from the root which was used as a relaxant during childbirth. Early medical books show this same tea was used by settlers for "old cough" and easing labor pains.  Tea made from wild blueberry leaves was believed to be a tonic to help purify the blood.

All this talk about fragrant hot tea and blueberries is making me hungry! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy those blueberries! Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

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