Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Relaxation Day! -Postcard Friendship Friday #233

The only holiday listed for today is Relaxation Day.  It is a newer holiday, originating in the age of the internet, as an advertisement to entice folks to visit health spas.  Regardless of the origins of the day, it is one we all can celebrate.

Every day it seems, our lives grow ever more complicated.  Stresses and the hustle and bustle of life can take every moment.  When I was a young the weekend, and especially Sunday, was a time of rest.  Back then, there were no smart phones, no internet, no laptops and the only television was black and white with four-six station.  

But this is a different age--every waking moment--even Sundays seem consumed with activities.  These days, there doesn’t seem to be a moment to take ‘er easy. 

I love this postcard.  On the back a boy writes:  Dear Papa, We got your card yesterday.  It found us quite well.  Hope you are well.  Helen, Mama, Ethal and I went to the woods Wed. and Ethel and I waded in the creek.  Love from all, Arthur

When I was a kid, my siblings and I spent many happy hours exploring the forest and wading in the creek at the bottom of the canyon.  

These days , when I am feeling overwhelmed, I often walk to the nearby river.  Even in winter I’ve been known to dip my bare toes into the waters.  Wading in the river, looking for agates and petrified wood has a calming effect on my soul.

SO—find something relaxing and wonderful to do today—take it easy!  Have a lovely Relaxation Day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!
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Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Our summer has suddenly disappeared so I don't see myself relaxing in that particular way! Though I must say a walk by water, the sea in my case, has a very relaxing effect.

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

Heather said...

A timely message to be sure. I have been volunteering all week and it's been busy. I have been doing food for a running race series. It's been like cooking a big family dinner every day. Fortunately it's a great group of runners and other volunteers and I find it very rewarding with their friendships.

Irene said...

I too have been busy, wish this was the beginning of the summer instead of the end. The week ahead proves to be a busy one as well, but today I think I'll rest. Thanks for a lovely card.

Unknown said...

This is my first time ever to learn that there is a holiday called Relaxation Day. I agree with you, back in the good ol’ days without any Internet or modern devices, Sundays are very relaxing, quiet and is a peaceful day, especially if it’s meant for family time or some “me” time. These days, because of modern technology, even day offs and Sundays are very hectic. Come to think of it, I barely had a moment’s peace during weekends. I always have something else to do, and it can be very tiring. One day is not enough to complete all that must be done.
I checked out the stamp you have here in the postcard and cross-checked it to an online stamp catalogue. It’s a 1-cent George Washington US Postal stamp which was issued in 1912.

Ulta58 said...

Piękna pocztówka wakacyjna.Słoneczko ,woda więcej nie trzeba aby przyjemnie spędzić urlop i wakacje.